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Famous Trump Christmas Song

The Treubig Show 8/31/2015
Treubig, Scott and B3 discuss various topics including politics and sexism. They discuss whether or not we should be "Rump for Trump" and possible solutions for sexist air conditioning.

The Treubig Show ENCORE 4/18/2015
Treubig, Scott and The Rebel Poet have a conversation with many celebrities including Chris Hansen, Dr. Phil, Mr. Rogers, Beavis & Butthead and more!

The Treubig Show ENCORE 4/12/2015
A news alert on the protesters rioting because of the shutting down of Daily Paul. A clip from The Treubig Show Encore broadcast.

The Treubig Show 4/4/2015
On this show, we started with the national anthem that was sang by a talented young lady. We also got to hear a song called "God Bless My Underwear" sang by a lady that blew bubbles. Treubig also responds to a website trashing something he wrote.

The Treubig Show 3/29/2015
Treubig and Scott talk about the weather man who was explaining how to see Uranus. They also play a clip of a girl that says this earth is 2014 years old and we should pray to the presidents who give us our freedom.

The Treubig Show 3/24/2015
Treubig and Smudge Pot act like sports announcers to a variety of sports. Peter King says he will jump off a bridge if Ted Cruz becomes the GOP nominee.

The Treubig Show 3/21/2015
Treubig talks about how people are saying "f*** her right in the p****" on live television.

The Treubig Show 3/8/2015
Huston returns! We discuss how pathetic the news has become and try to talk to Jarrod from Hawaii.

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