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Dildo Drone
Treubig explores Facebook Live and plays a fake ad for Dildo Drone.

White Fang #2
Treubig calls White Fang for an interview.

Should Drugs Be Legal?
Treubig shares his position on whether or not drugs should be legal.

Treubig and Smudge go back and fourth in utter nonsense.

Reminiscent Trolling
Treubig plays a clip of a live radio show from years ago where Smudge called as a character.

Subway Freakout
Treubig watches a video of a woman who freaks out at an employee at Subway while another employee makes her food. Then he talks about how suicide hotlines have received an increase in calls since Trump was elected president.

White Fang
Treubig was browsing for live streams about the Trump protests and runs into a live infomercial for the band White Fang. He gives them a call to tell them how much he likes them.....twice!

Going Down Memory Pain
Treubig plays his radio show from about 5 years ago and cringes through the whole thing.

Filthy Food Network
Treubig is getting tired of the constant Trump trashing by the media. Then he plays a filthy mashup of the Food Network.

Day Two After The Election: The Peoples Reaction
Treubig looks at the reaction of the people and looks at day two of the Donald Trump protests. He looks at Facebook Live and Periscope for any live streams of the protests.

Post Election Freakout
Treubig observers and demeans the media and their live coverage the day after the election. He also observers the protests and riots across America.

The Day Before The Election
Treubig talks about the upcoming election and how he does not have blind faith in any of the candidates. He wants freedom and liberty.

World Series Pumpkin Tits (Jacob From Hawaii #3)
Treubig asks Jacob From Hawaii to give an inning-by-inning review of Game 7 of the World Series.

Live Stream In Pursuit
Treubig wonders why people from Tulsa, OK livestream their crimes on Facebook. Also, a stripper pole fail.

America's Retarded Crickets
Treubig talks about thievery, technology and his hat. Then he plays a horrid video of a failed joke featuring the Constitution.

My Presidential Vote
Treubig analyzes Debi Daly's side of her call into the show. Later, after listening to a podcast promoting gun control, Treubig says where his presidential vote is going.

Best Of FAF: The Argument!
A clip from Friday's show where we get into a heated argument with a guy on Omegle!

A Call From Debi Daly (And Jacob From Hawaii #2)
Treubig has a fantastic conversation with Debi Daly during his conversation with Jacob from Hawaii.

Treubig talks to CW from the Treubig Show chat about various topics. Then he analyzes Michael Moore's comments and Professor Norpoth's predictions for the election.

Dares and Pranks
Treubig plays a clip of a girl who was dared to touch her ass to an electric fence. Then a caller tries to prank call a guy from Omegle who reveled his phone number on the air.

Treubig views a video of a Detroit woman who bought a house in a blind sale but the house is being demolished. She decides to shoot her house in front of her kids.

Jacob From Hawaii
Treubig talks to Jacob from Hawaii and some of his friends.

The Apology Stinks
Treubig examines the apology released by the DNC over the "Hillary For President" campaign bus dumping waste into a sewer. Then he watches condom lady publicly lecture.

A Calculated Mistake
Treubig talks more politics as the election nears. He wonders if the guy that insinuated he would kill Hillary Clinton if she became president was actually from the DNC.

Oil Plug Disaster
Treubig describes his battle with replacing threads in his car's oil pan after they were over tightened by an oil change service.

"CNN Sucks"
Treubig looks at a Trump rally where the crowd chants "CNN sucks." Then he laughs at feminism.

Pillow Talk Radio
Treubig talks politics, ADHD and how much it sucks to google your name after being falsely accused of a crime. Then he reminisces on Pillow Talk Radio.

Locker Room Talk
Treubig analyzes Trump's "locker room talk" and the media coverage. He also views reports of Hurricane Matthew.

Treubig trolls his show with a news story about a gun happy security guard. Then he plays a vulgar Donald Trump Christmas song.

Radio Meltdown
Treubig laughs at a mother who just realized what is played on the radio. Also, he rages over economics.

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