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The Apology Stinks
Treubig examines the apology released by the DNC over the "Hillary For President" campaign bus dumping waste into a sewer. Then he watches condom lady publicly lecture.

A Calculated Mistake
Treubig talks more politics as the election nears. He wonders if the guy that insinuated he would kill Hillary Clinton if she became president was actually from the DNC.

Oil Plug Disaster
Treubig describes his battle with replacing threads in his car's oil pan after they were over tightened by an oil change service.

"CNN Sucks"
Treubig looks at a Trump rally where the crowd chants "CNN sucks." Then he laughs at feminism.

Pillow Talk Radio
Treubig talks politics, ADHD and how much it sucks to google your name after being falsely accused of a crime. Then he reminisces on Pillow Talk Radio.

Locker Room Talk
Treubig analyzes Trump's "locker room talk" and the media coverage. He also views reports of Hurricane Matthew.

Treubig trolls his show with a news story about a gun happy security guard. Then he plays a vulgar Donald Trump Christmas song.

Radio Meltdown
Treubig laughs at a mother who just realized what is played on the radio. Also, he rages over economics.

Treubig talks about a teacher who lost her job at a school for a racist Facebook post. He also listens to Springfeel then Springfeel trolls the show.

Mug & F***
Treubig talks about burglars who where caught having sex in the house they burglarized by the home owners. Also, he talks about the ADL adding Pepe The Frog to their "Hate Symbols Database."

Murder Scene
Treubig talks about the dead mouse he found in his kitchen. Then he talks about what he would do in a home invasion.

Why Listening To The Radio Sucks
Treubig talks about Germany requiring Facebook to delete posts. He also talks hate speech and the accusation that Donald Trump is a cocaine user.

The First 2016 Presidential Debate
Treubig talks about the first presidential debate.

Severe Weather Drinking Game
Treubig describes his severe weather drinking game. He also calls a chat line and gets ignored.

Charlotte Riot/Protest...Again
Treubig evaluates the Charlotte riot/protest and the media's response to the events taken place. He also talks about Italy's decision to allow public masturbation.

Lick Me Where I Fart
Treubig evaluates day two of the Charlotte riot. He also jokes about a teacher who told her students to "Lick me where I fart."

Charlotte Riot/Protest
Treubig talks about the riots and looting in Charlotte North Carolina.

The Miracle Medicine
Treubig talks to smudge about his miracle medicine.

Discrepancies In All The Media Reports
Treubig finds dependencies in all the media reports about who started the birther movement.

Home Break In
Truebig talks about a home break-in that happened to someone in his family.

Trashing the News Networks
Treubig trashes the news networks some more and talks gun control.

C-SPAN Conspiracies
Treubig is disgusted with parents over control of kids. He also reviews theories of Hillary's illness by callers on C-SPAN and one in particular has an interesting theory.

Summer Camp
Treubig talks about his experiences at summer camp then discusses sex toy vending machines.

Guns And The F Word
Treubig talks guns and then is criticized for his language.

Narcissist Parents
Today we ask ourselves if our parents are narcissists and if illegal heroin Darwinism is the proffered method.

Car Accidents Gone Wrong
Treubig tells the story about a car accident that went wrong which resulted in the shooting death of a woman. He also talks more on media bias.

Treubig updates everyone on the lady that released crickets on the subway in New York. He also discusses a case involving a person who was arrested and unknowingly had drugs in his car.

Free Speech?
Treubig discusses where the line should be drawn for free speech. He also evaluates the discussion between "Million Student March" national organizer Keely Mullen and Fox News host Neil Cavuto.

The World Of Tourettes
Treubig discusses how horrid the reporting is on CNN then ventures into the world of tourettes.

Troll The Fed
Treubig invites trolls to leave nice comments on the Fed's Facebook page. He also talks about his experience at a tractor pull!

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