obwejibu was sexual assault

Submitted by prince_obwejibu on 1-06-2016
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this is objwejibu talking oto you now.


i am recover

recent at doctor trump rallies i was standing upon the sideline and provide secure. one fat woman rebels against crowd with make loud chant and swing picture card board with letters say "hillary" which she had hidden in her cavity.

i become from sideline and tackle her 

she smell of old jim beam n sexual favors.

to escort her out of the protest community of speech was to wrestle a boar.

i once knew a man homeless name newspaper joe. she also smell like newspaper joe.



also time come i drag her fat behinds from the television camera stadium to kick out of the backdoor.

inside backroom but she rassle upon me. 

obwejibu was frighten!

then what happen i must confession.

it not pleasant but for my spiritual heal i msut say to treubig blogsite communites.

fat woman sexually violation upon obwejibu.

when top of obwejibu, i shout upon her "release me"

but she grinding upon and 

trhen what happened she make violent love to me and bite obwejibu lips

i try punch and kick but it is my weight? 120 lbs. hr weight = many stones. 300 lbs.

she go upon her large leg and put upon  her sunglass and tell obwejibu

better put some ice on that.

this is the first event when objweibu was rape.

dr trump oppose rape and sex attacks, and will protect american from the clinton

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