Divine Enlightenment: Enlightenism in a new age

Submitted by JacciC on 1-03-2016
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As a new age dawns on our shared world, we can look back and see the advances that we have made as a people from a technological stand point. In the last century alone, we now have the ability to have face to face conversations with people all across the globe. We can create a music video with people in different countries that we haven't even met in person. We have electric cars, personal computers, wristwatches that can answer phone calls and display emails and text messages. We have advanced so much over the last hundred years, in terms of technology, that it is a little scary. We post our lives to social media and many times hide behind a screen name to make comments that we would probably never actually say to someone's face. But our progress has an uplifting point. We can easily find a new job across the country, look for a house (complete with virtual tours), find all the necessary resources all from the comfort of our living room, in our underwear no less.

But do we ever look back at our spiritual or religious advances? We have more access to the spiritual teachings from across the globe more easily, but are those spiritual teachings anything really new? Most of the information out there is just a re-hashing of current religious thought. And many people are turning away from mainstream religion as a whole and moving onto a spiritual path that they feel more aligns with their thoughts and feelings than ever before. But how do we know which way is the right way? That is for each person to decide. If you feel good about your spiritual path, then that is the right one for you at this moment. But what if you don't feel all hip and groovy about it?

Have you ever felt like you have just eaten a rice cake, in a spiritual sense? That unsatisfying feeling, a hunger that your soul is looking for fullness? Are the main stream religions and spiritual philosophies like a salted cracker when you are craving steak? You are not alone, not by a long shot. There are many people the world over that have a hard time compromising what they believe with what they are told from main stream religion and spirituality. There are even many people out there that take a bit from this religion and mix it with that spiritual philosophy and completely make their own way. So which way is the right way? That depends on the person and how they feel when they think about and practice their path.

Well, I found my steak and I'm writing this book as a means to share my steak with you. Will Enlightenism be right for you? That is for you to decide. And the only way to make the right decision for you is to have all the information. Enjoy!

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