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Submitted by prince_obwejibu on 12-27-2015
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obwejibu greeting

now that all the holy day is finsh i begin to recomment
upon dr trump war for american kingship


dr trump announcer that "i will do far more women in white house than mrs. clinon"

i also will do more women from inside the white house when i am the vices president.

if dr trump is become president, many time women will have better.

i make a list of reforming for american law upon women,

in nigerian, woman do not required to paint the face in the make ups. this law is sexism and my cousul to dr trump is suspend the decree. face paint only upon the holiday.

in nigerian, we do not have the woman wear the hat or the fancy twist. 

a thin scarf or the hair is best for when carry bucket upon head with fruit.

in usa, woman eat much of crap the food and then run upon the moving ground to be thinned like poverty. in nigerian we make the woman fatter but not so fat like american who live inside walmarts. it is the gold mean of fat that will decree.

inside american, woman must talk and talk and talk and not have the rest, but in nigerian women also allowed to be silent and quiet time and look after the child.

inside nigerian, the child listen to the woman or obwejibu hit with stick. this let woman not become very upset and hit child and bigger child too big. 

my asvisory fro dr. trump is to make law that allow american women to not talk always and not be afraid of unruly little monster.

inside nigerian, woman never have head ache and be unable for sex. this is many problem in america for woman. dr trump will convent a counsul to experiment and explorate the cause of this epidermic.

in nigerian, woman not need expensive drug from spirit docotr. in america, the crisis is woman upon many care of guru that fix moods change with magic potion capsul. in nigerian, woman is happy all the time or angry and regulate by nature and the moon, and many of the reforms of nigerian will be bring to america.

nigerian has many excessive child soldier, and american family may also to invite a child to live inside to learn the england speech and fight for american family against crimes. america may please invite a nigerian child for love and felloowship with nigerian people amd we shall have national interchange of child for solidiarity.

many of american old person are lonely also and must sit and watch the tv. they wish to have a phone call from a stranger. dr trump will provide monies to the fund bank for aid to nigerian. nigerian will make the call center economic expand to employ nnigerian and the call upon the senior and speak about many things and investment oppurtunity.

this provide joy to american old senile person. the monies go to nigerian provide world trade.

then, dr trump reimburse old senior with funds and cycle over again. nigerian reinvest in american ties and casino for balanciong.

women rights are most important rights and dr trump will protect the woman.

hillar and bill rape team will not be allow to touch the american womans if dr trump become king.


dr trump for presdent i2015.


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