Repeal Overtime Labor Laws?

Submitted by Treubig on 11-01-2013
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Currently, hourly employees receive time and a half after 40 hours of work each week. Salary employees do not get overtime for working over 40 hours each week. Is this fair? Now look at it this way, an employer is paying an employee for a service. The employer is being punished for trying to increase their profits to pay their employees more money. This is also punishing the employees from working more hours if they choose.

The common argument is that the employer will force the employee to work tons of hours against their will or they lose their jobs. Well, why aren't salary employees protesting for overtime? What about commission employees? Commission employees could work regular time for no pay. Why aren't the commission employees protesting?

What is so special about an hourly wage? Who was the genius that came to the conclusion that 40 hours is regular time? Why not 30 hours or 50 hours? Why is overtime time and a half? Why not time and a quarter or time and three quarters?

Just like minimum wage, an overtime law is a violation of an individuals pursuit of happiness. Now, I cannot freely negotiate an hourly wage and amount of hours to work with an employer or employee without the government being the third party in the negotiation telling us what we can and cannot agree on. If I want to work 50 hours a week for $5.00 per hour, I should be free to do so without the government telling me by law I am not allowed to work.

Shouldn't government get out of our personal and business lives because they are not smart enough to regulate anything for all individuals?

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