The Prison State

Submitted by Treubig on 7-02-2013
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When I look down on the world and put things into prospective, I can't help but notice many problems. Problems that may or may not be caused by good intentions. This problem has really caught my attention. With talks of immigration reform, the implementation of the E-Verify system is a direct assault to Liberty. Not only do I see this as another "NSA" type scheme to add more information to the data grab the NSA has already done, but this takes it a step further by using biometrics. The E-Verify system can include pictures, fingerprints, iris scans and even elements like how someone walks, according to PBS.org. All this is required before you can start a job. 

Call me crazy, but with E-Verify, NSA surveillance, a border fence, surveillance drones and border checkpoints, who is the prisoner here? For a group of people in the government who kill millions of men, women and children, or who have used the IRS as political persecution, how can we trust them to use such a system responsibly? This answer should be simple, we can't.


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