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   Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang ...
Submitted by Moloch on 9-15-2014
Treubig Show Forum | Art & Music
Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, is being sold to Microsoft. Of course, the promise is to keep all products supported as they are. From the article: "Microsoft said it has agreed to buy Mojang AB, the Swedish video game company behind the hit Minecraft game, boosting its mobile efforts and cementing control of another hit title for its Xbox console. Minecraft, which has notched about 50 million copies sold, will be purchased by Microsoft for $2.5 billion, the company said in a statement. The move marks the tech giant's most ambitious video game purchase and the largest acquisition for Sat...

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   Sen. Ted Cruz Demands Middle Eastern Chr...
Submitted by Sophron on 9-13-2014
Treubig Show Forum | Treubig Show Original
On September 10, 2014, likely future U.S. Presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke before attendees at the In Defence of Christians summit gathered in Washington, D.C., to support the endangered Christians in Iraq and Syria. In recent years, and especially in the last several months, the indigenous Christians of the Middle East have been subject to brutality widely condemned as genocide, with hundreds of thousands fleeing their homes and, in some cases, dying of exposure in the summer heat of the desert while fleeing on foot.

Ted Cruz, a noted Christian conservative popular among A...

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   If Common Sense Ruled the World
Submitted by teknetz on 9-07-2014
Treubig Show Forum | Treubig Show Original
I wrote a little speech, and would appreaciate any feedback.. I hope it inspires someone out there.

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   2 guys try to figure out how long it tak...
Submitted by Stonewall_Jackson on 9-06-2014
Treubig Show Forum | Videos & Films
Good stuff:

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   On ISIS, Europe and the Middle East are ...
Submitted by bayou on 9-05-2014
Treubig Show Forum | News Stories & Articles
Whenever Joe Scarborough goes on one of his blustery rants, my first impulse is to reach for the remote, and my second impulse is to use it to inflict maximum damage on my television. But yesterday morning, the “Morning Joe” host stumbled upon a good point—one that needs to be heard as we consider ramping up our fight against ISIS in Iraq.

“I’m sick and tired of Europeans sitting back and doing nothing,” Scarborough said. He continued, “Iraq, it’s not our problem. This ain’t 2003, it’s 2014. Europe, this is your problem too. It’s the Middle East’s problem. More Muslims are going to be kille...

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   Does the House of Representatives really...
Submitted by JacciC on 8-31-2014
Treubig Show Forum | News Stories & Articles
How many people really know how many people one Representative represents? It can vary from State to State, but the average is 700,000+ people.

Do you know when they fixed the amount to 435? Some people debate 1911 or 1929.

Either way, is this really a representative Republic?

I break it all down here:

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   If Norman Rockwell Depicted Today's Amer...
Submitted by hortulanus94 on 8-27-2014
Treubig Show Forum | Pictures & Images

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   Political Correctness
Submitted by Treubig on 8-09-2014
Treubig Show Forum | Treubig Show Original
Political correctness is all about tolerance. Be tolerant of peoples feelings and lifestyles. Always use the words "mentally challenged" instead of "retarded" or "little people" instead of "midget". Also, the very political correct phrase, "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all", seems like an important social rule. It seems very tolerant to the difference in people. 

In fact, it is very intolerant of the most important aspects of humans. Freedom of the mind, freedom to independently think and to speak or publish what you think.

When someone speaks their mind publicl...

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