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   Hammond Family Sues Police Department Af...
Submitted by Treubig on 10-25-2014
Treubig Show Forum | News Stories & Articles

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   Companies Genetically Engineer Spider Si...
Submitted by Moloch on 10-14-2014
Treubig Show Forum | Science & Technology

pider silk is touted for its strength and potential to be used in body armor, sports gear, and even artificial tendons and implants. Now several companies including EntoGenetics, Kraig Labs, and Araknitek have developed genetic approaches to producing commercial quantities of the stuff. One method is to implant spider genes into silkworms, which then act as spider-silk factories. Another is to place the gene that encodes spider web production into the DNA of goats; these "spidergoats" then produce milk containing spider-silk proteins that can be extracted. There's still a long way to go, however, and big companies like DuPont and BASF have tried and failed to commercialize similar materials.

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   Men, Earrings, and War
Submitted by Sophron on 9-21-2014
Treubig Show Forum | Treubig Show Original

Conservatives sometimes look at new trends in society and bemoan the changes in social mores. While, as a conservative, I am sympathetic to this perspective, it is important to discover whether the trend in question is actually a novel departure from historic norms. I find it to be the case that, sometimes, what strikes us as new and unfamiliar has been around much longer than we would have anticipated, based on our own limited experience, and our limited exposure with the past. In other words, we should appeal to the "mos maiorum," the way of our ancestors, carefully studied, as opposed to our own personal biases, when we attempt to articulate a conservative message.

One of the striking developments in personal fashion in recent decades is piercing. It is no longer confined to the ears...

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   2 guys try to figure out how long it tak...
Submitted by Stonewall_Jackson on 9-06-2014
Treubig Show Forum | Videos & Films

Good stuff:

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   On ISIS, Europe and the Middle East are ...
Submitted by bayou on 9-05-2014
Treubig Show Forum | News Stories & Articles

Whenever Joe Scarborough goes on one of his blustery rants, my first impulse is to reach for the remote, and my second impulse is to use it to inflict maximum damage on my television. But yesterday morning, the “Morning Joe” host stumbled upon a good point—one that needs to be heard as we consider ramping up our fight against ISIS in Iraq.

“I’m sick and tired of Europeans sitting back and doing nothing,” Scarborough said. He continued, “Iraq, it’s not our problem. This ain’t 2003, it’s 2014. Europe, this is your problem too. It’s the Middle East’s problem. More Muslims are going to be killed by ISIS than Westerners.”

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   Does the House of Representatives really...
Submitted by JacciC on 8-31-2014
Treubig Show Forum | News Stories & Articles

How many people really know how many people one Representative represents? It can vary from State to State, but the average is 700,000+ people.

Do you know when they fixed the amount to 435? Some people debate 1911 or 1929.

Either way, is this really a representative Republic?

I break it all down here:

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   If Norman Rockwell Depicted Today's Amer...
Submitted by hortulanus94 on 8-27-2014
Treubig Show Forum | Pictures & Images

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   Give Up Your Police State or Live Under ...
Submitted by kibs on 8-20-2014
Treubig Show Forum | News Stories & Articles

This article by Dan Sanchez, posted at is compiled nicely and even comes with a catchy slogan.

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