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   Facts + Truths = Smudge (Tatanka wisdom)
Submitted by B3 on 2-25-2015
Treubig Show Forum | Treubig Show Original

In the beginning there was the heavens and the Smudge Pot.

Some claim he invented rock and roll, but the data is inconclusive that he didn't, because he did.

He traveled the land with a tambourine. He cheered the peoples. 

The peoples!

Autumn is coming, after spring and summer. Time to remember the lost. Loved ones never again to smell a fall breeze or step on a pine cone poking out of the rustling leaves. Lamentations! Smudge pays mourners to follow him about when he's sad.

Smudge Pot liked to tell us "Sometimes the world is like a pine cone shoved up your butt cavity in a back

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   Smudge: Into Dreams
Submitted by Moloch on 2-23-2015
Treubig Show Forum | Treubig Show Original

I think what really OOO and 40, my car heater enclosure
Moreover, after the stage-year-old, if you have the right to the face of God derned cup on the left and right eye diseases glory many sexual stage, the occurrence .....
If you want to urinate
You Effie's son
Chances are your nerves ......
Johnny a gun penis, please refer to the enclosure ooooooooooh .....
Benefits engine air + Pink Dick
Johnny Players
(Primus and narrow)
Yes, Les Claypool
It is very important
He was in the of of of of of of of of of AAA
Mosh pit!

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Submitted by fande on 2-17-2015
Treubig Show Forum | Treubig Show Original

 Dimly lit the dower faces forced behind dead eyes. Lest spark entropy and dogmatic mantras fouling that what was a pleasant smelling lavender mid may.
The land walkers strut highly amongst the low branches of a uncertain plates.
Ever while the wind bears wings to ornamental beings.
The Savage 
Lusting for ever increasing euphoria 
The paraffin drips lonely down the back of the ravens quill.
He whom plays ever close to the flames.
oh my dearest Morte !
we share so much time in life together yet I never seen your face.
You shadow far greater men and those who are yet to b

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   I want to own my own store......Please h...
Submitted by JacciC on 1-23-2015
Treubig Show Forum | Current Events

So here's what I have going on. I want to open my own store. The banks won't lend to me unless I come up with 20% on my own, which is about 70K. There aren't really many grants out there that I can get, although, being a woman, disabled and a veteran should make me a shoo-in, right? Not so. So I'm asking for help. I understand money is tight for most people. If all you can or want to do is post to facebook and twitter, than that's great too.

If you want to post to all those "people" who talk about wanting to help, yet don't really do much but talk, that would be great too! Hey, if Bill Gate

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   Sophron II
Submitted by smudge_pot on 1-22-2015
Treubig Show Forum | Treubig Show Original

Sophron oh Sophron
complexity in chain
every time an artist tries
to make rhyme with your name.

You can put some soap on
and you can rub it off
but none of this describeth
a Sophron in whole cloth.

Some go mad sun-staring
and run with no clothes on
open your eyes wide,
fill them up with protons

like 120 voltage
charge up all your neurons
reference the ancient tribes
Seneca and Heurons

argue all you want to 
until your face turns blue
find a word that rhymes with Sophron,
it's as much as you can do.

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   Sense Offense: Hold Politicians Accounta...
Submitted by Treubig on 12-24-2014
Treubig Show Forum | Treubig Show Original

It seems judging by the comments on some sites that people are not understanding the point I was trying to make about the cause of the increased violence involving police (links to the articles at end of this article). To further clarify my point, I will be using one of my favorite action movies that has a good philosophical plot. The movie is called Equilibrium (trailer in this article as Video 3).

If you have not seen the movie, I suggest you watch it. Also, be warned I will be referring to the movie through out this article.

The Movie
Equilibrium's setting starts out in 2072 i

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   Police Stop My Car
Submitted by Stonewall_Jackson on 12-21-2014
Treubig Show Forum | Humor

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   New Bias Internet Extensions
Submitted by kibs on 11-13-2014
Treubig Show Forum | Treubig Show Original

The ICANN has released some new domain extensions for people to use. But there seems to be some that are bias, discriminatory against others and some that are straight up political.

.black, .blue, .green and .red are there but no .white, .brown, or any other color. why have .black but not .white? that's bullshit.

why is .cricket there? just so people can register

.republican and .democrat are there along with .vote and .voting but no .libertarian, .independent, .freedom or .liberty ... why is there no .freedom or .liberty or .sovereign? very, very telling...


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